Five Things I’d Love to Do But Probably Won’t Get To

1. Hitchhike across the United States – I think that would be the most interesting, economical, and memorable way to experience the country. However, I’ve been told it is no longer an advisable means of transportation.

Spring 2010 005
I could pull off the Disney princess look, right??

2. Work as a Disney princess at Walt Disney World – Apparently, there is a height limit, and I miss the cut off by about three inches. Perhaps I could be a Disney villain…

3. Marry an Australian archeologist – I’m thinking an Indiana Jones type. Of course, since I’ve never met an Australian OR an archeologist, this might be a little difficult.

4. Time travel – 1920 would be my starting date. Living through World War II, dancing with Gene Kelly in the 1950s musicals, writing for Disney, and swapping stories with Tolkein and Lewis…I would prefer those over Apple products, reality television, and selfies any day.

5. Have a slumber party at the White House – Yeah, no explanation needed.

What’s on your list?