One Dark Halloween Night

Halloween night 2014. A cold night with a full moon lighting up the Dallas sky. Too old for trick-or-treating, my sister and I had decided to attend a Halloween party. An old wedding dress covered in yellowed lace made the perfect Bride of Frankenstein costume for me, and my sister dyed her hair in order to be Frankenstein. At 10pm, we pulled away from the safe confines of our house and into the silence of a sleeping subdivision.

The streets were deserted as we drove down one lane and up another. No children dressed as princesses or junior superheroes were out anymore. Respectable people’s porch lights were off by now. A group of loud teenage boys passed by with pillowcases full of candy.

Leaving the confines of our neighborhood, we ventured out onto the dark roads lit with the occasional street lamp and neon lights. The part of town we had to drive through was one that I usually avoided at night. A blue “CashNow” sign flashed beside us while a purple “Discount Cigarettes” lit a portion of the deserted parking lot on our right. My sister’s painted face and neck bolts were illuminated, and I could see my own haggard features in the rear view mirror.

Don’t we look ferocious?

Pulling up to a stoplight, I tapped my fingers against the steering wheel cover. I would be quite happy once we finally reached our destination. Was it always this eerie in this part of town at this time of night or was it only my imagination since it was Halloween?

A black mustang pulled up beside us on this empty stretch of road. It revved its engine, and I cast a quick glance sideways at the tinted windows. I quickly fixed my gaze back on the light and pretended I hadn’t looked.

Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed movement. The passenger window began to roll down. Licking my lips, I glanced at the cross-street lights. When would they finally turn red so we could go?

Questions began to race through my brain. What hooligans were they that were driving around this part of town on Halloween night? Why were they rolling down their window? What would I do if they actually tried to speak to me? Stories of muggings and car thefts rumbled through my head. Stories of drunk parties and wild young people. Stories of Halloweens filled with tricks not treats. I prayed for the light to turn green quickly.

Suddenly, I heard the deep growling voice. I whipped my head toward the car as green light washed over us.  The tinted window was just rolling up as the other car screeched away into the night. I sat there a moment pondering what I had just heard. The words?

“I’m Batman.”

So you see, I really had no reason for worrying that night. Those streets really aren’t all that unsafe or unguarded. Batman keeps watch over Dallas on Halloween. I’m just usually not out late enough to notice.

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. Perhaps its the community aspect of neighborhoods and communities coming together through trick-or-treating, trunk-or-treating, or fall festivals. Perhaps its the abundance of leftover candy, pumpkin carving, and brilliant leaves that go along with October. Perhaps its the knowledge that the holiday season is coming along with all of its festivities. Perhaps its seeing the parents and their children dressing up in coordinating costumes and coming to visit. Most likely, it is element of fun that goes along with this time of year.