Don’t you hate it when you are moseying along, minding your own business, and suddenly, you are assailed with venom and force that are quite unreasonable? *sigh* Life just doesn’t seem fair.

The day was a brisk sunny one in April. (I actually have no memory of what time of year it was, but a sunny, warm April day sounds perfectly lovely right about now.) I had been traipsing around the house like I usually do–up one flight of stairs from my basement bedroom, up a second set of stairs to take a shower, down two flights of stairs to get dressed and make my bed, up a flight of stairs to eat breakfast. Nothing seemed amiss on this beautiful spring day.

The news got even better as I visited with the various members of my family who were also at home; a girl from our church needed a Bible. Looking around, we found the perfect one! It was one of those Bibles that is “grown up” in that it has all the words, but it is still “kid friendly” with a variety of pictures and colors on the pages. The Bible was one that I had used in elementary school, and I began to flip through it, remembering it fondly. I rounded the railing on the top of our stairs and started down.

I took one step. The colors and pictures of this book are so fascinating, I thought to myself. I flipped through the book and stopped in Ezekiel. Cherabim, I took another step. I remember this four-faced picture.

As I turned the page, suddenly, I found myself catapulting forward and downward. My foot had missed a stair, and the speed of my footsteps had propelled me forward. The Bible flew out of my hand as I grasped wildly for the railing, trying to stop my forward sprawl. It was no use.

I landed with a jolt in a perfect Tarzan position: my weight was perfectly balanced between my fingers and toes. Unfortunately, my toes were not too appreciative of 120 pounds landing directly on them from a four foot jump. As I tried to stand, shards of glass seemed to be embedded in my right big toe. We headed to the doctor, and sure enough, my poor toe had snapped under the strain.

I learned an important lesson that day. DON’T READ YOUR BIBLE…at least not while walking down the stairs!


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