The Most Perfect Egg in the World

Everyone knows how hard it is to remove the shell from a hard boiled egg. Usually, the shell sticks to the egg, and the unfortunate peeler has to lose chunk after chunk of protein to the garbage.

My sister had done it though; she had crafted the most perfect hard boiled egg in all the world. The egg was smooth, creamy, and unmarred. No shell pieces clung to the white underbelly of this egg.

“Look everyone!” she proudly proclaimed displaying the perfect specimen between her pointer finger and thumb.

As she stood with her back to the rest of the kitchen, she did not know that someone else had heard her announcement.

Suddenly, in a feat of speed, accuracy, and flexibility almost impossible to believe, our collie jumped through the air and caught the egg right from between my sister’s fingers. Like a tiger jumping through a hoop, the dog neatly snatched the morsel from the hand of her astonished master.Melanie

Sadly, my sister never got to enjoy her victory. The most perfect egg in the world was sitting in the stomach of a very contented canine.


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